Leaving A Stressful Full-Time Job and Getting Back into Cycling

Life often takes us on unexpected journeys. And as we all know it, change often comes unexpectedly. And even I, have never been truly prepared every time it arrives.

Leaving another full-time job was a bit daunting experience that left me feeling uncertain about where the next cookie is going to come from.

However, amid this change, it’s so nice to know that my time again for cycling has emerged, taking me on an unexpected journey of another phase of self-discovery and personal growth.

Losing the job

I did not want to leave my job for an Australian Logistics Company. Well, maybe I was planning on it because I found out that it was not the kind of company that I envision myself to be in the long run. Anyway, maybe I manifested it so much that the universe made a way too soon!

Moving forward on my last day at my then-full-time job, I knew I was going to have an abundance of free time on my hands.

Rather than be sad, complain, and dwell on the negative side, I chose to be thankful and excited. I was embracing the opportunity and looking for something new to fill my days.

Work Setup

The very next day, I stumbled upon my road bike

It’s funny how waking up 15 minutes before work is hard. But waking up before the alarm (much, much earlier than the alarm for work) is something I never complain about.

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As you all know, cycling became more than just a recreational activity to me.

It became a way of life.

(Perhaps I should also write about how I got into cycling during the pandemic, what do you think? 😁)

Anyway, I could have slept late and enjoyed waking up late to do nothing. But I did what I think I need to do: Immerse myself in the physical exertion and the adrenaline rush cycling always offers.

Marron's Road Bike

Getting back to it

It was nice.

I felt grateful and thankful and excited. Getting back on my saddle, I felt like I was redeeming myself. I felt like I was making up for the days that I skipped cycling because I needed to work.

In my years of cycling, I am fortunate enough to discover a whole community of like-minded individuals who shared this newfound passion. These groups offered not just camaraderie, but an opportunity to connect with people from different backgrounds.

And that I am thankful for Team España and literally anyone responsible for my joys because of cycling.

Embracing the change

In the past few months, my full-time job has consumed most of my time. Leaving little room for personal growth and self-reflection.

Losing that familiar routine was initially disconcerting, but dedicating my energy and time to cycling opened doors to incredible personal development.

The satisfaction of achieving personal bests, overcoming physical and mental barriers, and the gratitude gained from immersing myself on the road became the driving force behind this new-found purpose.


Another chance to turn it all up again

Losing my full-time job may have felt like the end of the world at first. It was a very familiar feeling. But actually, it soon became the first step of a transformative journey.

And even though it’s funny to say this at this point, closed doors often always offer second chances to other things.

It’s the perfect time to reinvent ourselves and embrace another passion.

In my case, getting back on the saddle allowed me not only to reclaim my physical and mental well-being but also to explore new avenues, meet incredible individuals, and reconnect with my own identity outside the constraints of a traditional job.

As I continue to go on in life and as I continuously grow, there are a lot of lessons that I’ve learned.

One of them is knowing that life is an ever-changing bike ride of unexpected twists and turns.

Sometimes there are monumental setbacks, but it would open doors to an incredible chapter in one’s life.

Marron Santillan on Road Bike

Thankful for cycling!

Cycling helped me not only fill the void left by the loss of something but also offered a fresh perspective on life and a renewed zest for adventure.

It taught me to embrace change, find solace in the present, and chase passions that feed my soul. So, if you find yourself at a crossroads, remember that change often leads to unexpected, beautiful beginnings – just hop on a bike and start pedaling 😉

After a quick ride, I went to see The Barbie Movie and her advice? You can be anything.

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