Waking Up Late And Still Going For The Scheduled Bike Ride

There’s nothing worse than waking up one hour past the first alarm. It is because I set up at least 5 alarms with 10 minutes intervals. I’m kind to myself like that.

I never liked that feeling.

You know, when the panic quickly gripped you as you realize that your well-laid plans are at stake.

That thought of skipping my bike ride and trying to find the reason to justify it floods my sleepy mind! But I know deep down, I know that it’s not what I truly want.

Getting out of bed is hard but staying in bed only to regret not going later would be even harder

Despite the initial panic and frustration of waking up late, I think there’s something incredibly exhilarating about seizing the day and making the most of the time we have left.

It was already 5:09 am, so I rushed out the door.

We’re going to Bitbit River today. I was supposed to be on the way to our meeting place but I told my friends to not wait for me anymore. That I’ll just catch up.

Me messaging my friend, who was probably 19 km ahead of me.

And there’s me, with low mileage for the past 2 weeks dare to let them know that I’ll catch up! 😂

Looking forward to be doing it anyway

The thought of what awaits me on the road going to Bitbit Bridge starts to overshadow my stress of waking up late. The sunbeams filtering through the trees, the tranquil morning air, and the sole satisfaction of being with my bike all remind me of the beauty that’s about to unfold.

Starting later than what was planned

I left home past 6 in the morning. Which was basically our call time.

They always say that the first few pedal strokes are the hardest. But spinning the cranks seems a bit harder when you are in a hurry.

Pedaling away from the chaos in my head as I start to earn mileage from home, I find solace in the rhythmic motion of my bike. With each push of the pedals, the worries of waking up late dissipate. The world around me comes alive, and I appreciate the simple joys that might have gone unnoticed on a typical day.

The cool breeze against my face, the vibrant colors of nature, and the freedom of the open road all make me grateful for waking up and pushing with this ride.

This is a reminder that the next time you oversleep, take it as a sign to seize the day and venture into the unknown

Waking up late and still going for your bike ride becomes more than just salvaging a disrupted schedule; it becomes a lesson in adaptability. Life often takes us on unexpected detours, and it’s in these moments that we learn to let go and embrace the now. By going with the flow and accepting the circumstances at hand, we often stumble upon unexpected joys and new perspectives we might have otherwise missed.

After all, the greatest adventures lie just beyond the boundaries of our comfort zones.


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