Let’s collaborate!

Hey friends,

Your boy right here is also a freelance content writer, script writer, creative writer, and a social media manager.

So if you are and/or you know someone who is looking for a cute boy (not handsome) who can write for them then I would be super pumped to do the job! My writing niche is strong from all things coffee, travel stories, inspirational thoughts, LGBT articles, and even why we should all fall in love with Timothée Chalamet! I am the kind of person who likes to write whatever that comes from his heart so I am pretty flexible with the kind of topics that you want to expect from me.

I’m also open for collaborations just for fun! So if you are running a website and would like to have me as a guest writer, then I will be happy to do it (I will do it on my free time!) because I am a big advocate for writing articles for free. By that, I will require for my name to appear on the post so that I can add that link to my portfolio.

And this blog is not a big fan for sponsors because I only do organic promotion. However, I’m still not closing my doors for that! But please know that I only promote stuff that I think is good for me and for the readers of my blog with or without the pay. But you are welcome to buy me a coffee or beer (preferably beer) anyway to prevent my writer’s block from coming in even though I still don’t know how that thing works at all!

For more information/concern you can just email me with a subject HEY MARRON!

Email me at