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Hey there, I am Marron Santillan from the Philippines and I’m fired up that you are here!

To give you a little background about what the heck #marronisgoing is all about, this blog started in 2016 as a place for me to document my travels as I started exploring the beauty of my country for me to learn, meet people, experience spontaneous adventures, discover beautiful islands, find love if I’m lucky, but most importantly, to get to know more of myself.

Apart from having a strong passion for life stories and crazy ass adventures, I like getting lost between the pages of a good book and I love watching chill films on a lazy after-lunch. I love volunteering, too! I am pro-nature, so it means I am not a big fan of single-use plastics and I try my hardest to eliminate them from my everyday life.

Upon growing up, I wasn’t able to become a big fan of any sport. But I always wanted to be athletic so I began doing obstacle course racing by joining the Spartan Race. I also love long distance running. I have ran a full marathon under my belt and it might be wasn’t much, but it really meant something to me.

I love coffee. I have a next-level love for it. My passion for it has awarded me to win a Barista Championship competition that leads me to become the District Coffee Master of a big coffee company in the Philippines.

I’m into beers as well! Or brandy. Tequila? Maybe whiskey. Oh and sure, rum, too! To make it understandable, it is easier to say that I love drinking. But I won’t pass as an alcoholic and as an enthusiast, if you want to know the truth. What I mean is that if you handed me a bottle of beer anytime of the day, most likely I’d accept it and crave for another bottle. I’m not a big foodie – but I am learning how to enjoy food already.