About Me

Marron Santillan marron is going

Aut Viam Inveniam Aut Faciam

– “I shall either find a way or make one.”

I’m Christian Marron Santillan, hailing proudly from the beautiful Philippines. You can just call me Marron, like the French word for brown, adding a touch of cosmopolitan flair to my name.

I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management from the esteemed Lyceum of the Philippines University. But hey, I wasn’t always on this thrilling journey. I spent a solid five years as a passionate barista, brewing up magic in every cup of coffee. However, my quest for purpose led me to a new path, and right now, you’re witnessing me seize life’s adventure by the horns.

As a Writer

Believe it or not, I was the last kid you’d expect to become a writer. But a few years post-college, a wild passion for writing sprouted within me, birthing this very blog. It started as a hub for sharing travel stories and tips with friends and family. As my love for writing bloomed, it transformed into a place where I could authentically express myself, discussing all things fascinating beneath the blazing sun. I pen my words straight from the heart.

As a Cyclist

Joining forces with Team España Cycling Club in 2020, I embarked on a passionate cycling journey amidst the pandemic’s chaos. When public transportation ceased to be an option, and travel was discouraged, I decided to grab life by the handlebars. I hopped on a bike, began pedaling, and the rest is now history in the making.

As a Traveler

I’m a die-hard thrifty backpacker, always taking the road less traveled, venturing through the backdoor, and fully immersing myself in the essence of a place—absorbing its flavors, culture, and language. I kicked off my travels by exploring the stunning islands of my homeland, the Philippines. But now, my sights are set on conquering continents, spanning time zones, and chasing the sunsets of the world.

As a Barista

My journey started as a barista, a means to fund my adventures within the Philippines. Coffee has an inexplicable allure, and with each sip, I fell deeper in love. So, I embarked on a quest for profound understanding, ultimately becoming a Barista Trainer and a certified Global Coffee Master. Not to brag, but I clinched back-to-back championships at our district’s Barista Competition, opening doors to work with the country’s Learning & Development team as a District Coffee Master.

As an athlete

Sporty spice? You bet! My first Spartan Race was in 2018, a solo mission to prove to everyone, especially myself, that I could conquer this challenge. Armed with minimal training and sheer courage, I amazed myself by securing 12th place in my age group category. Now, with four Spartan Races under my belt, I proudly sport my first Trifecta earned in 2019. Running is also a passion, and one of my proudest moments was securing 9th place in a 10 km race. Not to forget, I ran a full marathon in 2019, clocking in at 5 hours and 46 minutes.

Other Passions:

But hold on, there’s more! I’m a staunch advocate for the minimalist lifestyle, a yoga enthusiast, a staunch supporter of LGBTQ+ equality, and an eco-warrior, fervently dedicated to environmental protection.

So, welcome to the thrilling whirlwind that is my life! Buckle up, because we’re in for an incredible journey together.