2017: The Year of Moving Away

You know, just like every year, I can't totally describe how 2017 was like for me. But I will try to describe it anyway. Because while I look forward to the new year, I am taking the stock to look back on my accomplishments, or lack thereof. The beginning of my year was a blast,… Continue reading 2017: The Year of Moving Away

Inspiration, Zambales

Went to Zambales to ditch Valentine’s Day

It's 5 in the morning and here I am, heading north. Again. Driving along the north Luzon expressway, watching the sun rises from the wide rice plains at my east and that suddenly cures all my troubles. Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, today is Valentine's Day. And I'm going away outside of Manila to get rid… Continue reading Went to Zambales to ditch Valentine’s Day

Boracay, Inspiration

My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip

There was one time back in March 2015 when one airline launched a piso fare. Holy cow, it was super cheap so I needed to grab it! I asked my friends if they wanted to go to Boracay sometime around September and most of them insisted to rather party Laboracay which will be on May 1st. So in… Continue reading My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip

Baguio, Inspiration

What going to Baguio has reminded me

As I start to write this blog post, I am already seated inside a bus going north. To the city of Baguio. Finally. After all, this is it, my first time! A lot of people are telling me to not go because we have a storm that's what they say. And yeah that's true, we… Continue reading What going to Baguio has reminded me