An open letter to the person who’s afraid to come out yet

Typing these words are sending tears to my eyes because this topic is so dear to me. I found myself with a heavy sigh, and all these thoughts are like avalanche inside my mind. Probably because I have a lot of things to say. Maybe these are the words that I wish I heard when… Continue reading An open letter to the person who’s afraid to come out yet


Setting up an adventure fund: How to save up for your next trip

The 39°C wind is saying hello to my body as I start writing this. Am I already in hell? Oh no, it's summer again. And not to mention seeing Halo-halo and Mais Con Yielo being sold 2 blocks away from my house. Summer is here. And it's freaking here to stay. I love this time of… Continue reading Setting up an adventure fund: How to save up for your next trip

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Dear friend, I am feeling lost at 25

Hi friend, I've been thinking a lot about life lately and I don't know why I am writing this to you. It's just that I found myself caught in this situation again. I have been constantly daydreaming about finding the center of my inner balance. I've been always the kind of guy who is very… Continue reading Dear friend, I am feeling lost at 25

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Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

Chill days, good friends and good vibes. I've been to this surf town a couple of times before and the dilemma until now is that, I got never drunk during the stay. I don't know. What the hell, correct? So it was somewhere from those many inuman sesh with 2 of my (probably) strongest friends… Continue reading Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

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15 highlights of my 2018

Everything is super fast-paced. I can still recall being all sleepy last year's new years eve writing about how 2017 was a painful year to me; still feeling that positive energy I have for the coming year which is 2018. And then days turn into weeks. Weeks quickly turn to months. And before I know… Continue reading 15 highlights of my 2018


2017: The Year of Moving Away

You know, just like every year, I can't totally describe how 2017 was like for me. But I will try to describe it anyway. Because while I look forward to the new year, I am taking the stock to look back on my accomplishments, or lack thereof. The beginning of my year was a blast,… Continue reading 2017: The Year of Moving Away

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Went to Zambales to ditch Valentine’s Day

It's 5 in the morning and here I am, heading north. Again. Driving along the north Luzon expressway, watching the sun rises from the wide rice plains at my east and that suddenly cures all my troubles. Amazing, isn't it? Anyway, today is Valentine's Day. And I'm going away outside of Manila to get rid… Continue reading Went to Zambales to ditch Valentine’s Day

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My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip

There was one time back in March 2015 when one airline launched a piso fare. Holy cow, it was super cheap so I needed to grab it! I asked my friends if they wanted to go to Boracay sometime around September and most of them insisted to rather party Laboracay which will be on May 1st. So in… Continue reading My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip