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Dear friends,

If I were going to have a short visit here on earth, I had to do everything possible to experience it now. So on behalf of marronisgoing blog, this bucket list is my main inspiration and reason of why the heck I am traveling and writing and game for almost anything and everything. Started this list back in college with only 25 goals and as I proceed with life, it’s also growing like a baby. Some of it are pretty impossible right now but dreaming big isn’t a crime, right?

If by any chance, you might wanna help me check off any of the things in the list, you may connect with me in whichever form you may like. Again, thank you and here are the things that I wanted to do before I die.

Score so far: 34/100.

  1. See a shooting star
  2. Graduate college
  3. Own/design my own house
  4. Travel international
  5. Back pack South East Asia
  6. See the Northern lights
  7. Run a Marathon
  8. Invite (all of) my friends to celebrate my birthday
  9. Learn how to speak another language fluently
  10. Sky diving
  11. Be part of a flashmob
  12. Start my business
  13. Put up a Blog
  14. Put up a Vlog
  15. Buy a seriously decent camera
  16. Get my own travel laptop
  17. Get drunk in Boracay
  18. To do Freediving
  19. Swim wearing mermaid fins
  20. Fly in a hot air balloon
  21. Do volunteer work
  22. Witness solar eclipse
  23. Plant a tree and actually watch it grow
  24. Be in two places at once
  25. Publish a book
  26. Travel solo
  27. Be in a fulfilling relationship
  28. Do public speaking in front of a huge crowd
  29. Become a barista
  30. Grow my hair long
  31. Dye my hair some crazy color
  32. Live in a different country for atleast a year
  33. Act in a film
  34. Start to live minimalist
  35. See a snow
  36. Surf in Siargao
  37. Spend a week in Batanes
  38. Watch an opera
  39. Invite friends for a staycation just to drink and play Monopoly
  40. Fly in a Helicopter
  41. Go on adventure in Cebu
  42. Canyoneering
  43. Swim with the whalesharks
  44. See the whole Mayon Volcano
  45. Spend at least a week anywhere in Palawan
  46. Go to USA
  47. Go on a Cruise
  48. Learn sign language
  49. Scuba dive
  50. Visit Puerto Princesa Underground River
  51. See all the 7 Wonders of the World
  52. Go on an African Safari
  53. Attend Miss Universe (or any major pageants) and watch Miss Philippines win
  54. Go to Mindanao
  55. White water rafting
  56. Donate a blood
  57. Get a tattoo
  58. Spend a summer in Italy
  59. Experience the country’s longest zipline
  60. Bungee jumping
  61. Spend a whole day in Disneyland
  62. Fly first class
  63. Go on skinny dipping
  64. Attend Olympics
  65. Explore the Amazon rainforest
  66. See the Pyramids of Egypt
  67. Swim in the Dead Sea
  68. Have a fancy dinner in Paris, France
  69. Get an award as the company’s employee of the year
  70. Build a 4 door apartment available for rent
  71. Walk in the gardens of Versailles Palace
  72. Be a Millionaire $
  73. Take the blue train in Sri Lanka
  74. Go to Brazilian Carnival
  75. Spend a night on top of a mountain
  76. Learn to juggle
  77. Invest in gold
  78. Travel solo to Bali (and Lombok maybe)
  79. Organize a picnic
  80. Visit Machu Pichu
  81. Be published
  82. Own a hostel with a CafΓ©
  83. Take a pottery class
  84. Cliff jumping
  85. Learn how to back flip
  86. See the tower of London
  87. Visit a big castle
  88. Go on a ghost hunting tour
  89. Dance Hula in Hawaii
  90. Vacation at Maldives
  91. Earn a Spartan Trifecta
  92. Ride a cable car
  93. To go to an abandoned European castle, explore it and study its history
  94. See a pink sand beach
  95. Greece!
  96. Get myself a 6 pack abs
  97. Pride March
  98. Learn/experience yoga
  99. Retire at 40 (?)
  100. Go on a life changing long time travel by the time I’m 30.


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      Marron Santillan

      Deffo yeah! So I could experience life for all its worth 😊 But it’s still case to case basis tho. I’m hoping I could have saved enough money by that time or have a good running business.

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  2. Starman Jones

    25 was it?
    You may notice the ungodly list price… It’s not that they do not print/construct a book nice, as they do! They offer print on demand. They get you your ISBN. You can link to an Amazon storefront too. Yet, that price is a tough one to swallow for a new author to sell. 50% more unless ten thousand dollars is invested in a bulk print run to substantially lower that cost per unit.
    It is not very hard for you to publish your own book blurb….for a fee…. Does a wow job.
    I utilized a prized neighborhood guy as he was a graphic artist. He took my crappy phone photos and cleaned them for production; arranged within directed ideas well, the look, and put the book into final printer ready, pdf’s… A bit of life you’ll learn. You must understand what and how it’s going to be made to some degree…or it’s going to cost too much. Look at the list price of mine again. All of my choices got burnt by construction choice and printer cost….because I wouldn’t copyright my book myself…a scary hassle that cost me 3 dollars a copy costs I could avoid… Nearly 6 dollars you pay in list price. Details. I also knew 4 publishing authors, a short-lived duo publishing via their business…. And got the good and bads. Theives……poor fulfillment….etc.
    This means just publishing is not your worry…nor making a pretty offering…. It’s doable and for my book, expensive now… Shouldn’t have been …. Shame on me!… Was a $450 for 12 copies 1 hardbound as I murder softcovers ! … That’s family friends and one I can read in public to try my hand selling it tooooo the pubbbblic. Yes, that means I’m legally blind so my book magically is in bookman 14 pt font a “large” print. And I saved my money for my project… I sold 3 copies.. the 12 ain’t because I’m narcissistic…. I had a few to sell. Well it’s business time.

    I didn’t know 500 people. I didn’t have a promotion circuit in the works or help there. Publishing a book is easy. Selling a book is for me not as easy. Know your goals each step achievable! Then you may!


    Enjoy selling a modestly received title that may grow your audience.

    If this comes across “Debby Downer” I’m sorry. I enjoyed my thrill of publishing mine. However, it’s very easy to misstep in highly costly ways!

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      Marron Santillan

      The list is my guide to see if I am really living my life to the fullest 🀣 Thank you! I hope you get to check off all the things you put in your bucket list too.

  3. Image Earth Travel

    Enjoyed this read!
    I first retired at 30, then the government shifted the goal post, then again retired at 40 but goal posts were shifted again. I’ve just returned to Australia after 6 years away, is that retired? πŸ˜‰
    Many thanks for stopping by my travel and photography blog.

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  4. Atanu Dey


    It’s an interesting list. I am reading this when you have done 34 of the 100. A few bits are puzzling. How on earth were you able to be at two places at the same time? And what’s “a four door” apartment? #25 and #81 (Be published and publish a book) appear to be the game goal.

    Anyway, your list made me think. Since I way older than you are, I have done many of what you have yet to do. And I will never do many of what you have on your list. I will never do watersports items, and skydiving and bungee bits. I don’t have a head for heights.

    When I was in school in India, I had two items on my non-existent list — 1. Go to the US. That I got done at 26 and have lived in the US ever since. 2. Learn how to fly a small plane. That I got done at 29.

    But anyhow, by nature I am a wanderer and not a planner. So I have not made any lists. Perhaps I should do that. If I do, I will let you know.

    BTW, thanks for liking one of my blog posts. That led me to your blog. Best wishes for all your list getting crossed off soon. Cheers. Atanu

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      Marron Santillan

      Hello Atanu! The funny thing is, it’s actually the bucket list that I created many years back πŸ˜… To answer the things that puzzled you, the idea of being at two places at the same time was actually the dream of standing on a boarder between two countries, I don’t think it’s possible though but I’m hopeful! I meant 4-unit apartment. I want to get published by a magazine or whatever talking about my story; and of course, publish my own book (which I am slowly working on!)

      That’s very nice that you checked off the two items on your non-existent list at a very young age! I am currently 26 right now and sometimes I feel like my life is moving slowly, that it seems pointless…

      I appreciate you taking the time reading my bucket list! Some of them are silly but for me, they are my dreams πŸ™‚ Thank you so much, Atanu!


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