6 Best Extreme Rides of Universal Studios Singapore

My rich friends told me when we were still kids that a trip to Singapore will not be complete if you’re not going to experience the magic of being inside Universal Studios. I didn’t really pay much attention to it by then because as a kid, all I want is to go anywhere with a dazzling beachfront and a gorgeous patio where I can just sit down, read a book, and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade.

That’s how simple I was.

But last year before I went to Dubai, I met with a my former colleague in Singapore and next thing I know, we were taking the monorail to Sentosa Island for Universal Studios! Can’t say no at all because Jenn (more of like a sister to me) sponsored the day in this theme park only because she wanted a company for extreme rides!

And I am the kind of kid who loves thrill rides and I won’t need Psychology to justify it for me.

So even though theme parks didn’t attract me as a kid, doesn’t mean it is still less attractive for me today. And then again, I’d be a huge ass hypocrite if I didn’t say I love walking on streets that are carefully designed from an iconic scene straight from a movie.

That thing can give you magic!

I don’t know, but eating ice-cream inside a theme park is just fulfilling, correct?

Universal Studios Map

Click on the photo for a larger view

To situate you and to give you a visual of what is there to see inside this awesome amusement park, here’s a map that I grabbed somewhere from google. It consist of 7 zones: New York, Sci-Fi City, Ancient Egypt, The Lost World, Far Far Away, Madagascar, and Hollywood.

Here are the 6 best (extreme) rides of Universal Studios Singapore

1. Battlestar Galactica: Human

Located in the Sci-Fi City, Battlestar Glactica: Human and Cylon is themed from a television hit and a pair of steel, dueling roller coasters but I will talk about them individually. This is a conventional design roller coaster but it won’t stop from twisting, turning, and dropping your soul. But for an honest review? When I took this ride, I didn’t scream because I was thrilled but because I was laughing for I can’t even remember reasons.

Although Singaporeans said Human is scarier than Cylon before and not until the ‘seat falling out’ incident. Because by then, they said that the ride take off at full speed from the platform but not anymore in the name of safety.

2. Battlestar Galactica: Cylon

Now this is the bomb. It’s the kind of roller coaster suspended from the tracks where your legs are dangling freely . And I will personally say, not to mention we repeated this ride for countless times, that this is by far my favorite. All the 360 loops, cobra roll, a corkscrew, vertical loop, and a zero-roll and many roller coaster interventions!

Every second from start to finish feels like the gods of the thrill rides are dispiriting every inch of my spirit. In the most thrilling way, of course. And even in my 34th ride, I still screamed on top of lungs. So exciting!

3. Transformers The Ride

And how can I start describing this one? Still located at the Sci-Fi City, Transformers: The Ride has received applause from many people from all over the world. This 3D Ride is just exceptional!

For 5 minutes, you will experience a live close to real-life actions figures from huge projectors. You’ll rise, descend, and you get a roller-coaster all throughout. The 3D movie adds more loud and thrilling scene.

Unfortunately, I only rode this stop once because of the long line. A total crowd favorite! (Although I heard rumors that lines are longer in the morning than in the afternoon) We went here around 10AM so yeah, spent more than 30 minutes in line but the wait is just worth it.

4. Revenge of The Mummy

Dubbed as the scariest ride in Universal Studios Singapore, I told myself, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT.” And so I went to Ancient Egypt and I did it for more than 20 more times, I think! Because what I loved about this ride was there wasn’t any waiting time at all! You go through the entrance and walk inside the mummy tomb, all the way up and when you reach it, just ride as fast as the attraction team member lets you. There was even a time when we were just the 3 of us in the ride so why not repeat?

The Mummy is a high-speed roller coaster that includes a sudden and dramatic acceleration, climbing, tilting, dropping, and backwards motion with huge fireballs from both sides, swarms of scarab beetles, an army of warrior mummies, all in total darkness! That’s how Resort’s World Sentosa explains it.

5. Waterworld

Image grab from shellwanders.com

This spectacular live action stunt was probably the best I’ve seen in years. Based on the 1995 film “Waterworld”, this live water show that can be found in The Lost World includes a lot of tidal waves and death defying stunts. Not to mention the thrills and spills from legit explosions of fire and water!

That only means if you ever decides to watch this show, which I highly recommend, prepare to get wet. No excuses! It’s either you want to bring a rain coat or just extra shirt that can be stored in the free lockers.

You will see Youtube videos out there filming this show but I swear, those are nothing how cool this show was in person. My attention was so into it that I didn’t even think of taking a photo or a video!

6. Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure

Still located in the Lost World Zone, this river rapids ride fulfills every single dream of my childhood. I mean, who doesn’t like Dinosaurs, right? Walking to this part of the park with its iconic Jurassic movie introduction music was iconic.

The ride itself wasn’t that much for me only because I craved for more dramatic and breathtaking scene. But its unpredictable and gripping rafting maneuvers are enough for me to enjoy it! My favorite part of course was going inside that dark Hydroelectric Plant and the finale drop into the water that made me so soaked.

Please wear your ponchos correctly!

Also, throughout this ride, I was just looking back and forth to this woman sitting in front of me who I believe was Marie Kondo.

Some Attractions That I Also Enjoyed:

  1. Puss in Boots Giant Journey (Far Far Away)
  2. Shrek 4-D Adventure (Far Far Away)
  3. Enchanted Airways (Far Far Away) (Ilove this one!)
  4. Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase (New York)
  5. Canopy Flyer (The Lost World)


Every once in a while, no matter what age group we are now, it’s just so nice to spend day inside a theme park and simply enjoy and live the moment. It’s also just so cute to scream at the top of our lungs while exposing ourselves to ‘good-fear.’

And by the way, a piece of advice, it is also important to bring the following: sunscreen, water bottle, extra clothes, and put them all inside a small bag! There are free lockers around but they’re only free for 45 minutes I think (?)

And special thanks to Jenn for the gift of front of the line pass during our visit in Universal Studios Singapore even though I turned it down because it was hella expensive. I said I don’t do promotions using my blog and she was like, “THEN DO NOT PROMOTE ME!” Hahaha! So in return, I ran after these sexy pharaohs and chased them for a photo because I know deep inside of Jenn she wanted to.


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