Hitting The Reset Button on Life: When Your 20s Feels Pointless

I honestly don’t know where to start writing this but all I know is that there are many, many things that are weighing me down since the beginning of this year. If you don’t know it yet, I am a 26 year old boy and my anxiety over the direction and quality of my life has been lonesome for quite some time now. With zero idea how it started, perhaps I have been just anxious because of all the closed doors, unanswered prayers and delayed promises.

The truth here is that, I’ve put so much pressure on myself when I was young that I should be having grander things when I hit this certain age. A career, a house, and postcards from a European trip. I can’t believe I used to be blinded by all the worldly desires! For another truth, I am far away from the goals that I’ve imprinted inside my head. That for every sleepless night, I always ask myself what went wrong with my life because everything from it now seemed upside down. Or it could also mean that I am just being paranoid? I don’t know. But there are many little reasons why the big things in our lives are not happening yet.

Reminding myself to re-set, re-align and re-start as many times as I need to, has been liberating and empowering to my soul.

I know life seems directionless at the moment. But I realized that we cannot really give up on half-time, can we? Because we’ll know the score until we score. That’s the rule of the game.

So friends, here’s a lowkey advice to understand that we only have one life to live and we have to LIVE every damn second of it. If we feel stuck in one place, this is the perfect time to leave the safe harbor, row to the wilderness with your game face on and be free. Like a young person that is yet to discover his/her purpose. What’s there to lose, right? And it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Let’s stay hungry and let’s stay foolish. Do you wanna know another lesson I learned from Ted Mosby? I think for the most part, if you’re really honest with yourself about what you want out of life, life gives it to you.

Do not give up on your dreams yet only because it’s too early for that. And it probably might appear frightening, you know. So do the scary thing first, and get scared later.

Love always,


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  1. kinge says:

    Very readable. Sometimes in life we have to experience these rhythms, just like a tide goes up and down and the measure of our success will be on direct correlation with our reaction to the experiences we get.

    A lesson I learned on how to beat the feeling of pointlessness; Have clear goals of what you want to achieve, then build from within a burning desire to achive and live the goals, make measurable action steps towards the achievement of the goals, get specialized new knowledge on the specific areas and beat procrastination.

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    1. Terrific advice! I will keep that in mind, really appreciate that advice. Thank you for reading and for sharing some words of wisdom.

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  2. Eris says:

    I think it’s normal to feel that way – I’m inching into my 30s this year and I still feel rather lost and overwhelmed at times. The trick is to recentre and refocus as many times as you need, as long as you are working slowly towards your goal. Any progress is still progress! And as Jay Shetty says, “Everyone has a clock, wait for your time.”

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    1. I couldn’t agree more to what you have said. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate it!

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  3. modest28 says:

    Many times this is the age when people start having regrets about the past but your advice is quite the simplest and best way to tackle it. Live for the moment. Nice post.

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    1. Thank you so much! I usually ended up skeptical about taking my own advice no matter how much I researched about it. Next time I will face a decision related to this, I will remember your comment. Thanks for reading!


  4. you are like an elder brother i never had,
    I feel you…. if you’re really honest with yourself about what you want out of life, life gives it to you. I will try to always keep that in my mind

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    1. Then I’ll be the older brother who will tell you this advice. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate that!


  5. darellphilip says:

    This is a great blog. Self-reflective, intuitive and inspirational! I’m following your blog now so please follow mine too!

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    1. Just did! Thank you so much 😊

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      1. darellphilip says:

        No, thank you bro and keep up the awesome work! 😊

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      2. Thank you, old sport! Really appreciate the support 🙂

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