To Summer McSomething;

It’s like the summer of 1963, little dove
That’s when I met you under the shiny up above
All of a sudden everything has ethereal feel
Pretty lovely like the old December Christmas deal

Honestly mate, you are more than a lagniappe to me
Because we both love coffee more than a cup of tea
You like those orange fluffy clouds during twilight,
I like when we look at the stars when it’s midnight

Summer nights at the beach, always skinny dipping
Rainy days and can’t go out, always day dreaming
You are as good as the Canon in D major,
Quality time together and pals forever

The wet street that smelled petrichor when we saw a rainbow,
Pretty colors in the sky like Ms. Marilyn Monroe
And then lovers moon! You found yours and I found mine
Years passed by and we’re still together on cloud nine

Looking through our old photographs, I think of you
That’s because right now, more than ever, I miss you
I wish I could fly to Milky Way and see you shine
And please don’t worry, just give me time and I’ll be fine

That one night when you bid sweet dreams to the moon,
I know I’ll see you again but not too soon
There will always be rainbows and smiles every time it’s raining
Our memories will never be a fading ancient painting

When I think of you now, it reminds me of a dream come true
I am going to be so happy because I deserve to
When my time comes, wait in the heaven’s gate and don’t miss a thing
Please smile for me and ask the king to play Air on a G String


Years ago way back when I was still studying college, there was a time when my university’s official student publication (LPU Sentinel) posted an invite where everyone can submit their artworks in forms of poetry and short stories. I submitted this poem but unfortunately, it wasn’t included in the published magazine of that year.

Up until now I still don’t know the reason why they rejected it because I wasn’t provided any feedback.

This poem has been hiding in my drafts for years so I thought maybe I should publish it for the world to see and have its recognition it deserves.

My poem To Summer McSomething may not the best out there and it may be rejected, but I am glad to call this artwork mine. And now, I share this with you.

And that when you find your Summer McSomething, I pray that you realize it before it’s too late.

Photo by frank mckenna on Unsplash


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      1. Kaylen

        I can completely understand that! I’m 17 so some times I think when I’m older I’m either going to look back and think “damn I did good” or ” wtf did I write?”.😂 But this is one of my favorite things to do…I love sharing my work and getting to know other awesome writers 😊🌸

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          Marron Santillan

          Yes, I highly recommend for you to just keep loving what you do and sharing it with others! One day you’re going to look back and smile because you made a lot of art!

          1. Kaylen

            Yes I agree….as long as we create we will never regret it. I have always been a writer and always will be until the day I die

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