Northern Mindanao: to travel is to learn how to let go

I am in the middle of life changeover as I write this blogpost because the day before my flight was my last day at Starbucks Reserve. And before I move back in to our home in Quezon City and transfer back to my original district, I found myself lonely in a lot of ways… I…

2017: The Year of Moving Away

You know, just like every year, I can’t totally describe how 2017 was like for me. But I will try to describe it anyway. Because while I look forward to the new year, I am taking the stock to look back on my accomplishments, or lack thereof.

A Travel Story: Back when I was in Baler

I’ve been really tired and hell uninspired, sitting in front of my computer as I start to write this blog about my trip to Baler that happened 6 months ago. I know it took me so much time to document the fun because 1.) I’ve been so busy with my career and at the same…

To the times that I feel like Holden Caulfield

Dear friend, I hope you are having chill days, good friends and good vibes this November. It’s true that life after you graduate is different. And as I write this letter to you I am both happy and sad because I am missing something I’m quite not sure about. It’s pretty weird, isn’t it? I…

What going to Baguio has reminded me

As I start to write this blog post, I am already seated inside a bus going north. To the city of Baguio. Finally. After all, this is it, my first time!

This might be the right time to get lost

It was a fun day in Cebu. We just had the island experience of Sumilon and we were waiting for a bus going back to Oslob bus terminal. It was getting dark and waiting for a bus was taking too long. After an hour of waiting, a bus finally came.

South Cebu travel guide: 5 days DIY in low budget

The day before this trip, I was somewhere in Quezon City getting drunk for our store’s late Christmas party. I still wanted to drink but I had to leave my friend’s house by 2:00 AM if I wanna catch my 7:00 AM flight. When I went home, feeling a bit tipsy and without any sleep…

Should I apply for a job right after graduation?

That was the question that I asked myself 4 weeks before my graduation. If you’re asking yourself or you think you’ll be asking yourself with the same question, and if you’ll consider my personal opinion I will say: No.