Confessions of a Christmas Baby

Whenever people ask me about my birthday and found out that it’s on Christmas day, they always go “You’re so lucky! That must be awesome!” But without sugarcoating, it’s not really for a hell lot of reasons.

Growing up, I never had a “real” birthday party. That’s because it’s hard to get to have a party on my actual birthday. It just can’t, you know. And it’s hard to find a day where all of my friends are there to celebrate (it’s the joyful December, ladies, and gentlemen) and I will just sit at home and eat my birthday cake all for myself (really, who doesn’t want to celebrate their birthdays without their friends?) On a lighter note, I always get invited to other people’s Christmas parties and that’s a lot of fun! But then again on some Christmas evenings, I sometimes start to be apathetic towards my birthday because no one is ever around to celebrate. Everyone is just busy. But I learned how to enjoy it anyway.

And then people will start talking about the famous “joint Christmas and Birthday present” because it’s real! Nobody deserves a joint present unless it’s really special, one girl said. But it’s not just being special anymore, now it’s more of the thought that somebody did actually remembers you. And looking back, just like birthday parties, I don’t always receive gifts too (I have to wait another year before I get presents again) and part of my birthday is committed to buying Christmas presents for other people, which is a little bit weird. As a kid, having to give people presents on your special day feels wrong, you know. Hahaha, I also feel so jealous of other kids before when they get to receive more presents than I do. I used to think it was so unfair because that’s just Christmas gifts. And it’s my birthday.

What I’m really trying to say here is that it’s hard to compete with everyone’s favorite Holiday, you know. But I don’t mind anymore 🙂

This December 25th, if someone miraculously gives me a birthday present wrapped in Christmas gift paper, I’d be more than happy to open them. After all, I will still be opening two gifts and those are my eyes.

By the way, I’ll be working this Christmas day. If you might feel sorry for me for working on my birthday, please don’t. I need that double pay to finance my travels next year. Which is super exciting!

Whoever you are, thank you for reading this. Nobody ever paid so much attention to my feels every December. So I’m happy I finally had the courage to write it here and I’m glad you took time for this blog post.

So from one Christmas baby to all the other December babies, we all know our struggles. Best wishes and happy, happy birthday!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,



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