Year End Blog: 2018, you are awesome!

Everything is super fast-paced. I can still recall being all sleepy last year’s new years eve writing about how 2017 was a painful year to me; still feeling that positive energy I have for the coming year which is 2018. And then days turn into weeks. Weeks quickly turn to months. And before I know it, I am writing everything I had with 2018. The good ones.

Man, I don’t know. 2018 probably isn’t that much. Maybe it is what they call a “recovery” year, a year to bounce back from setbacks. In which, I know, has helped me a hell lot through spirit. Or maybe I was just mostly sad deep down that I constantly ignoring the blessings and not recognizing the good times.

Let me break it down to you:

1. Traveled solo to Siargao

Holy fuck. This is still probably the most liberating thing I did so far! Going alone because nobody wanted to book a flight with me. How dare you, friends. You’re all bastards lol. Well, I’m glad I did because I met a bunch of fantastic people with the same interest as me. So a huge thanks to all my friends who ditched me, I learned a lot on this trip.

2. Saw a shooting star at General Luna

This photo was right after I solo ride 30kms away and no relation about falling stars, it’s just a random photo, okay. So anyway, going back, I saw a shooting star once but I was then super drunk in Calaguas Island. Like what the hell, correct? This time in GL, I was not. I saw it big. Saw it bright. I saw it clear. I was walking with this long road ahead of me, and there it was, falling like uhmmm love? It’s so sad I forgot to whisper a wish.

3. Got awarded as Starbucks Partner of the Year

Now, this is big. I only thought I was doing my job with all my heart, I never thought I am already inspiring others. And just as what they always say: pour your heart into it. That is to say I’m glad I poured it in the right way. And that’s what’s making me sad… I swam so far enough I can’t swim back.

4. Went skinny dipping in Camiguin

To think that this photo took place around 10 in the morning! Wasn’t sure if we were drunk already? But probably yes because what do you do when you’re on the beach, correct?! I always see doing skinny dipping at night, I never expected that it will happen under the brunch sun.

5. White water rafting with friends in CDO

Adventures, adventures. I can still remember how fucked up I feel when I hop that plane en route to Cagayan de Oro. It was so heavy. It was a sunny day but it was cloudy on the inside. But damn, that was one hell of an adventure.

6. Got awestruck by Bukidnon

I only like saw 2% of Bukidnon but my jaw dropped already. I remember smiling and looking out the window when I should be sleeping and taking a nap. Now, I still look forward to spending a week or month in Bukidnon and experience coffee farming. Yup, it still speaks genuinely from the heart. Can’t wait to fully feel it spiritually.

7. Regenerate in Coron


The experience in Coron is still in the draft folder of this blog. I don’t know when or how am I going to finish it. Because this trip was painful. It is painful. I can’t find the words on how to express it. Losing a friend hurts. We miss you every day here, Albert! We always hope you’re doing well up there.

8. Finished a bottle of tequila in Jomalig Island

Again, never doubt what your body can do. That’s it.

Jomalig was fucking serene, man.

9. Came out to my parents after Pride Parade

Even though it’s a little bit lonely sometimes, I know I’m really smart. And this is the time I saw myself as a brave person. Because coming out is never easy, to tell you the truth. I can’t remember how many times I slept at night with a heavy heart just because I am gay. Just because the world made me feel I am wrong. But loves, raise your flags! And even if you’re out there proudly and loudly celebrating your pride, or silently hiding in the closet, I will always support you completely.

10. Stopped using single-use plastics

So I decided I don’t want to be part of the problem anymore. Bought me a reusable stainless straw and a complete set of utensils that I carry around wherever I go including a tumbler. By this, I get to eliminate the use of single-use plastic straws, cups, utensils, and even plastic bags. Always sharing this advocacy to everyone.

11. Started fitness

There are some people who doubted my consistency of going to work out when I signed up for a gym. Fucking fuckers, now look at them, still doubters. And here I am, still trying my best to bulk up in this impossible world of cardio training because OCR is what happened.

12. Did Spartan Race

I grew up without having to do a favorite sport. But say no more! Obstacle course racing keeps me excited. And oh, I got myself a Trifecta pass for 2019 as a birthday gift. As I type this blog post, I am already 19 days away from my next race. Aroo!

13. Ran my 1st half-marathon

To finish a full marathon has been a life long dream. So I did a 21km run, a half marathon, as part of my training for OCR. And the experience was painfully worth it. I thought it was easy. But somewhere between 17km and 18km, I felt dying. Both feet are hurting, knees are trembling, legs are so close to cramping. But you know what I love about running? The mental challenge it always gives me. Probably needing 3 more half marathons before doing a full.

14. Opened a new Starbucks Reserve Store

I couldn’t be any luckier getting picked when we opened the first Starbucks Reserve with this kind of platform last year (the one in Podium), and now I get to open another one! I feel like being voted out of Survivor season 1 and getting to play again as a castaway for Season 6 lol but now, playing with a real team. It’s like Catching Fire in Hunger Games. Them legit motherfreaking smartass people. Them sexy coffee people. I adore them to death. Even if one of the hobbies of the majority from this group (which is to drink in whatever shift it may be) is bad for a little Spartan racer like me. But the guilt of alcohol is super strong I can’t say no to 2 buckets of beer. Lol so here’s an apology to my Spartan Team! Please be at peace knowing that I am training really hard in order for me to go with your pacing.

15. Meeting a hell lot of amazing people!

It’s amazing how last year, I was with a different group of people. And now, I am making memories with a new batch of healthy-good-for-my-soul kind of people. I mean, it’s incredible, isn’t it? We never really know those who are just staying for one chapter of our life. So one thing I learned is to give my whole time to the ones in front of me.

All in all looks like 2018 isn’t a pain in the ass after all. And I’m grateful. Hella fucking grateful! My only wish this coming year, is genuine happiness. I don’t care whatever it is the universe has in store for me as long as I am happy. I just want to be happy. And also a contented heart.

Here’s a good job by the way, for making it on the last day of this year. I adore you for silently winning the battles of every day from all the things you never really talk about.

Good fucking job, kid.

Now promise me, let’s bounce back from all the setbacks of 2018. Isn’t it wonderful to know that there’s another year waiting for us? And it starts tomorrow! Another year to turn it all around. Now pick yourselves up, and create your 2019 game plan.

Happy new year!

Love always,


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