To all the people that I’ll meet on the road

Hi friend,

How are you? If you’re wondering how I am, I’m doing okay. I just want you to know that I did it. I finally put up something where I can write all the stories inside my head that were never been said. From how I feel upon waking up inside a bus during an 8-hour travel just to see the sunrise to what I am really thinking when I walk on the beach at 4am when I’m really really drunk.. Exciting, right?

To be honest, it seems like life is just passing me by lately. I just realized that during my travel going back to Manila from La Union. And I’m not sure if I’m just feeling a little bit lost in life or I am completely lost already. Perhaps, I am a bit lost. With no clue how to get home. But this is not meant to be a sad post, alright. I’m good. And then the next day, I’m not. Probably because I have an ache for distant places. Just like the waves whenever I’m near the sea, I hope that this craving for traveling can help me get back to me.

I just need to stay positive and may the next few months be a period of beautiful transformation. To me and to you. But if you have the chance, you are welcome to join me in one of my future travels. For the reason that I can tell you that restless race of my heart before the journey begins, but I cannot tell you how beautiful the Islands of the Philippines are from a moving vessel, I can’t really describe on poems how majestic it is to wake up at the top of the mountains, and it’s hard for me to paint a picture of the beach because the color of the water and the sky are both dazzling and magnificent at the same time.

What I’m really trying to say here is that, I am asking you to make adventures! With or without me. And to all the people that I’m going to meet on the road of this life of expedition, whether we’ve crossed each other’s paths before or not, I cannot wait to have a cup of coffee with you or a bottle of beer, whatever. I hope you’re well and see you elsewhere!

Love always,




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  1. Eric Roxas says:

    All the best in your travels man. May you enjoy your journey through this mysterious Earth and Universe. ❤

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    1. Thanks, man! And yours too, on your mission!

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      1. Eric Roxas says:

        Thank you man. I smile at the day our paths will cross. 🙂

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  2. Kris Villanueva says:

    Enjoy every travel.. Enjoy life💋❤️😉

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  3. Great first post, good luck! 😃

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    1. Hey thanks! I just posted my second post. You might want to check it out!

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      1. Just finished reading it!
        I think it’s great you got to venture and experience that and to be able to see your family again after your graduation. 😊

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      2. Thanks! I did follow you by the way, looking forward to your stories!


  4. Boots says:

    Thanks for following my blog. Here’s to life’s wonderful adventures!

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    1. No problem. To more adventures and surprises!


  5. I’m sure you’ll not just get the chance to know yourself more when you travel, but also the experiences you’ll have on your travels is forming you to be the person you haven’t seen yourself to become. Experience a wonderful journey ahead mate.

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    1. Thank you! And I’m on my way, I hope we cross our paths elsewhere!


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