A Travel Story: Back when I was in Baler

I’ve been really tired and hell uninspired, sitting in front of my computer as I start to write this blog about my trip to Baler that happened 6 months ago. I know it took me so much time to document the fun because 1.) I’ve been so busy with my career and at the same…

What going to Baguio has reminded me

As I start to write this blog post, I am already seated inside a bus going north. To the city of Baguio. Finally. After all, this is it, my first time!

South Cebu travel guide: 5 days DIY in low budget

The day before this trip, I was somewhere in Quezon City getting drunk for our store’s late Christmas party. I still wanted to drink but I had to leave my friend’s house by 2:00 AM if I wanna catch my 7:00 AM flight. When I went home, feeling a bit tipsy and without any sleep…

Should I apply for a job right after graduation?

That was the question that I asked myself 4 weeks before my graduation. If you’re asking yourself or you think you’ll be asking yourself with the same question, and if you’ll consider my personal opinion I will say: No.