Dubai at Night: La Mer in 16 Photos

Probably one of my favorite places in Dubai is La Mer. My friends and I would just take a bus from Business Bay to this beautiful beach for free! I can still remember when my triathlete friend Myka first brought me to this place. She said it gives a Santa Monica Pier vibe. And somehow, it does! Only that it stretches from Jumeirah 1 into the sea, with a complete view of the city skyline and Arabian Gulf.

My friends Kevin, Patrick, and I, supposedly planned to swim all afternoon here. But since Patrick spent a little longer working out in the gym, and Kevin and I were just slouching on the couch while waiting for him, we arrived at La Mer a little late than expected. Both of them took a dip. While I read Crazy Rich Asians before the coast guard called everyone to be out of the water by 6PM.

Free Beach

Dubai’s waterfront destinations being free access to everyone is probably one of the many perks that I enjoyed while I was living in Dubai. There are days after attending a yoga class that I will just ride my bike to the nearest bus station and go to the beach. La Mer is one of our favorite destination.

What To Do in La Mer?

This place is the perfect destination to just wander around on your flip flops, sunglasses, and bucket hat. That is to say, there are so many things to do in La Mer. From shops to restaurants, cafes, cinemas, waterpark, and inflatable playgrounds. You can either start your journey from the South Island or the North Island.

More Freebies!

Aside from having the beautiful beach being open to everyone, another thing that I love about this place is that it is not greedy! You’ll get wifi, parking, showers, and toilets all for free!


I always say this to myself, but this should be a reminder to take a lot of photos – so looking back to memories could be more visual.


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