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An open letter to UAE about marking me UNFIT just because I have lung scars: Your flawed system will never break me

Dear UAE,

Greetings from an aircraft leaving DXB to MNL!

Hell yes, I’m coming home. I should be feeling sad for chrissakes but if you really wanna know the truth, all I’m feeling right now is pure genuine excitement. So much love. And to be vulnerably honest though, people who have been following my journey will understand jack shit about me being disappointed in any way whatsoever. But certain things are destined to happen to help us see life from a different perspective, I guess?

A few years back, I never would have seen myself living in your country. It’s true, UAE! Please don’t think I was just acting bitter. But eventually, the universe used my friends to make me decide to move in. And I am thankful for that always. Your emirates are amazing, especially the one where I lived – Dubai. One hella stunning emirates Dubai is.

But somewhere during your winter season, things started to get colder quietly too. But I won’t talk about it here because that’s for another story. What I want to talk about here is my perfectly healthy body, but for hell reasons, you still marked me as UNFIT.




I was scheduled to go and get my medical exam done which includes x-ray & blood tests. This medical is taking place to find out if you have HIV and TB and for you to get an Emirates ID for residency.

Blood test went alright, but during the x-ray, somebody instructed me to inhale deeply and hold my breath just like the usual. So I did. I was holding it for so looooong and your boy could only need to exhale the F up. And there, the rad tech did it, snapped the radiation while I was exhaling. WHILE I WAS EXHALING. I wondered if they were gonna ask me to hold my breath again because then I thought the first one will result in a blurry x-ray. But they didn’t.

Thought everything was alright but after a week or two, I received a message from our PRO, asking me to repeat my medical and go all the dusty way to Al Muhaisnah medical clinic.

I remembered how heavy my feeling was that day. No exact amount of words can describe how worried I was. And I carried that heavy feeling for days and weeks without telling my friends about it. I have a version of Marron that didn’t like to have people worry about him. So sure, let the hard days for my mental health pass.

I did another blood test into 3 test tubes and I was asked to submit sputum as well. I asked the lady in the window if I was dying; she just said my x-ray is not clear that’s why I needed to do all these retests.

I went back to Al Muhaisnah for many more days to submit the rest of my sputum, skin test, and a doctor’s appointment. I thought everything was gonna be alright because I saw the results of my skin test and it’s clear as hell that I am alright.

After a month of waiting, the clinic labeled me as UNFIT. They didn’t bother giving me the exact results of the tests they have done to me. All was mentioned was “Past case of TB.”

Well basing on my medical history, this is because I found out that I had a primary complex when I was 5 or 6 years old. And this caused some scars to my lungs. Again, a lung scar that is now HEALED. And this scar shows on x-rays even before, and I have always been cleared ever since. So it’s very funny that the result is fucking unfit.



UAE, there is a flaw in your system. I don’t need to explain all that but I know that you know it. It’s funny how you deport foreign workers based on flawed TB screening policy. And yes I think that it is not public-health-minded to send back people you think are at risk.

During the time of distraught, I made peace with myself every morning and every time before I go to sleep that I will accept whatever result it will be. So when the results came, it was gratefulness that left tears in my eyes and not sadness. I didn’t pray for the results to be okay but I pray to give the result God thinks I’m destined to experience. And he answered my prayers with a NO because He knows what’s best for me and for all the things I yet to know. I walked home that day with an energy of excitement rushing through my spine. I am free as a bird! I didn’t need a telescope to see where I’m going, I booked the cheapest plane seat going back to the Philippines using my OWN money. I don’t know jack shit regarding the law about who will be the one responsible for buying the fare when you are asked to exit the country but I did it for myself.

When I told everyone about me being denied, they were so sorry. Everyone was so sorry for me and every time I tell people about it, they look at me sadly but I make them look straight to my eyes so that they will know that you, UAE, didn’t break me. You will never break me. You can take away my chance to live in your country but you can never take my waves of laughter away from my burning spirit.

Your permanent ban swept me off my feet, too. I guess. Only to realize that you closed your door because what was behind it wasn’t meant for me. And the best thing? I have a chance to dream another dream. And looking back, I wouldn’t change anything. I think that it’s important to just let things happen, and stay ‘happened’.

I didn’t run a total of 89km (excluding of my weekly 20km training) of my total races last year just for you to label me as UNFIT. I’ve run a full marathon under 6 hours so I will never let you dictate what I can and cannot do. I just hope you realize you needed to revise your stupid outdated law.  And someday I’m gonna look back to this very moment laughing and I will tell people that it was the best thing that happened to me, a blessing in disguise that year 2020.

Thank you, UAE. I just needed to get this out of my chest. No pun intended.


Atta boy,



Sign the petition: Dubai Health Authority – Tuberculosis Deportation Scam – Fully Exposed


5 thoughts on “An open letter to UAE about marking me UNFIT just because I have lung scars: Your flawed system will never break me”

  1. Oh no, I feel a bit mad after reading this. I scoured online discussion and it’s terrible that there are a handful of individuals who experienced the same. lol, some went test to another country to prove the result. Surprisingly, they found out that the result undergone in UAE is irrelevant and not serious <//3

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    1. Just last month, I can’t remember how many times I spent reading threads about it. It’s crazy because some people are taking second opinion from a lawful/authorized hospitals inside UAE and still to no avail. But then just like what I’ve said, there’s no place like home and it’s nice to be back! Hehe thanks for reading!


  2. Wow! I didn’t know the UAE could do something like this.

    But this is my little message to you.

    UAE can be the better place, but they aren’t the best for you. They made you realize that.

    It’s nice pouring out your heart.

    And yeah, thanks for following my blog. I really appreciate it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading! Looking back on my stay in UAE, I feel nothing but happiness that at least I get to experience things and meet certain people while I was there. Good times.

      And yeah sure, no problem. You can also follow my blog is ya like!

      Liked by 1 person

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