Jomalig, Travel

2018 DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island

I can't remember the day I first heard the name Jomalig Island, same as well as the first time I saw pictures of it from the internet. But after learning how raw, delicate and exquisite this island is, I knew what my heart is longing for. And that is some one fecking crazy trip to… Continue reading 2018 DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island

Bukidnon, Cagayan de Oro, Camiguin

Northern Mindanao: to travel is to learn how to let go

I am in the middle of life changeover as I write this blogpost because the day before my flight was my last day at Starbucks Reserve. And before I move back in to our home in Quezon City and transfer back to my original district, I found myself lonely in a lot of ways... I… Continue reading Northern Mindanao: to travel is to learn how to let go

Aurora, Baler

A Travel Story: Back when I was in Baler

I've been really tired and hell uninspired, sitting in front of my computer as I start to write this blog about my trip to Baler that happened 6 months ago. I know it took me so much time to document the fun because 1.) I've been so busy with my career and at the same… Continue reading A Travel Story: Back when I was in Baler

Albay, Caramoan, DIY Travels

DIY Travel Guide to Caramoan

Before I start writing my adventures in Caramoan and my side trip to Albay, let me just congratulate myself and two other baristas for surviving the 3-day trip to this part of Bicol. Because some people were a little bit skeptical about us going to a 10-hour bus ride for only having 3 straight vacation… Continue reading DIY Travel Guide to Caramoan

Boracay, Inspiration

My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip

There was one time back in March 2015 when one airline launched a piso fare. Holy cow, it was super cheap so I needed to grab it! I asked my friends if they wanted to go to Boracay sometime around September and most of them insisted to rather party Laboracay which will be on May 1st. So in… Continue reading My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip