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Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

Chill days, good friends and good vibes. I've been to this surf town a couple of times before and the dilemma until now is that, I got never drunk during the stay. I don't know. What the hell, correct? So it was somewhere from those many inuman sesh with 2 of my (probably) strongest friends… Continue reading Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

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15 highlights of my 2018

Everything is super fast-paced. I can still recall being all sleepy last year's new years eve writing about how 2017 was a painful year to me; still feeling that positive energy I have for the coming year which is 2018. And then days turn into weeks. Weeks quickly turn to months. And before I know… Continue reading 15 highlights of my 2018

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Read this when you feel sad

Hello you, I know something has pushed you to click the link to read this. You are probably lost, sad and everything melancholy in between. I don't know what is causing you so much internal conflict, but I want to be nice so I will still ask you, how are you? With gloomy eyes, you… Continue reading Read this when you feel sad

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My preparation for my first Spartan Race

Hey Spartans! It's me Marron talking about fitness. Something new yeah? So with my great spontaneity after seeing this specific ad as I was browsing my timeline in facebook, I got curious about Spartan Race. They say, when you want to go somewhere you like and no one else wants to go, go by yourself. You'll meet… Continue reading My preparation for my first Spartan Race

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2018 DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island

I can't remember the day I first heard the name Jomalig Island, same as well as the first time I saw pictures of it from the internet. But after learning how raw, delicate and exquisite this island is, I knew what my heart is longing for. And that is some one fecking crazy trip to… Continue reading 2018 DIY Travel Guide to Jomalig Island