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Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

Chill days, good friends and good vibes. I've been to this surf town a couple of times before and the dilemma until now is that, I got never drunk during the stay. I don't know. What the hell, correct? So it was somewhere from those many inuman sesh with 2 of my (probably) strongest friends… Continue reading Elyu Classic: Accidentally Stayed Drunk

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DIY Travel Guide to Caramoan

Before I start writing my adventures in Caramoan and my side trip to Albay, let me just congratulate myself and two other baristas for surviving the 3-day trip to this part of Bicol. Because some people were a little bit skeptical about us going to a 10-hour bus ride for only having 3 straight vacation… Continue reading DIY Travel Guide to Caramoan

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DIY Palawan Travel Guide: 5 days Puerto Princesa and El Nido

Looking for a blog post about a 5-day travel guide of exploring both Puerto Princesa City and El Nido in Palawan? Hello there, my name is Marron and you're in the right place. Low in budget? Not a problem. Let me share how did my first DIY Palawan trip went. But before I begin, can I… Continue reading DIY Palawan Travel Guide: 5 days Puerto Princesa and El Nido

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DIY Travel Guide to Calaguas Island

It's been a while since the last time that I randomly bought a bus ticket with my favorite travel buddies. And since one of my friends was having a vacation here in the Philippines, and another friend just got back from the U.S., there was no way I can say no to adventures. Some of… Continue reading DIY Travel Guide to Calaguas Island

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Weekend Trip: ₱500 to Cagbalete Island

If you're planning to go to a white empty beach outside Manila this weekend with only less than ₱3,000 in your pocket, consider Cagbalete Island. The road less traveled is always the most rewarding one, and the road to this island seems to be hardly (but not really) traveled at all.  HOW TO GET THERE? Bus.… Continue reading Weekend Trip: ₱500 to Cagbalete Island