New Opportunities: Why losing your job during COVID-19 pandemic can be the best thing for you

Trying to write this from a vantage point of a silver lining, I know how it sucked to get cut out from your job with no steady income and still look out of your window to flash the world a smile of motivation. Because just like you, that’s what happened to me too. Truth is, it’s just fueling our anxieties to the roof. But as what Helen Keller said, often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.

These closed doors and rejections do not select our destiny.

It could be a form of redirection to something even more meaningful. Something consequential and purposeful. And while we break down, cry, and lock ourselves in our rooms, we generally neglected what the universe has gifted us out of this unhappy occurrence – time.

Now more than ever, we have all the time at home during this whole quarantine period to prepare ourselves for the next chapter of our lives. And isn’t that a wonderful thing? To be able to use time as an investment to learn a new skill, to practice talents, or even to finally start going after that kind of life you’ve been always wanting to have?

No matter how weak and unsteady we feel right at this very moment, there will always be that little hope inside our hearts that help us get through the day. We should cling to it, support it, and water it until it grows. The power of hope is learning your new set of goals. It is not a wish for dreams to come true, but it is the actual belief that dreams really do come true if we put enough effort to do it.

A General rule of life: if we don’t ask, the answer will always be a NO. So if we want something, we have to declare it to the universe. The amazing thing about being truthful to your intentions is that things have this bizarre way of working out. You don’t have to wait for shooting stars to make a wish – the stars will align and support you when you start to produce energy of determination.

When God gives you a new beginning, it starts with an ending. Be thankful for closed doors. They often guide us to the right one.


So, friends, we might have no idea where our next paycheck would come from, but I hope we don’t take this situation as something to define us as a person. These trying times might trigger losing our identities because we aren’t sure what we’re heading to. But we make people laugh, we love art, and we create extraordinary moments and those are enough to realize that our jobs itself are not enough to ever define us as a whole and our identities.

Isn’t it comforting to think that the future holds brand new days with zero mistakes in it yet?

Photo by Jesús Rodríguez on Unsplash

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  1. You nailed it. This Covid crisis is an incredible opportunity to rejuvinate our relationships, to learn and grow, learn new skills. But unfortunately many people, and many OFW in my country, waste this time in the aimless pursuit of distraction

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    1. I think it’s all about your own perspectives, tito. If there’s one thing that I am proud of myself, that is my optimism and positive attitude towards anything!

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      1. Magandang saloobin iyan. It all boils down to saloobin o pananaw


  2. Diana Philip says:

    All the things on my mind in on place 🙂 I actually got to love how this past 3 months have changed me and that I am finally working on the things that matter to me.

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    1. Right? It seems like we have never been this productive, trying to work on areas we are most passionate about. Thank you so much!

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  3. Timothy says:

    Crisis (Κρίση) in Greek means our crisis but als opportunity. It’s good you’re staying positive. Many people have it worse than you. Many many people have it worse than me.

    Good luck wit finding a new source of income!

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    1. I love that word. And you’re right, Timothy, we are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads, food to eat, and healthy bodies. There’s no point in complaining because I’d rather be grateful for what’s working for me. Thank you very much!

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  4. Jirah Merizz says:

    “When God gives you a new beginning, it starts with an ending. Be thankful for closed doors. They often guide us to the right one.”

    Wow, thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve never had a job as I’m still studying in college, but I super agree that this crisis is fueling up my anxiety. I used to think so much about my future and now, eventually, everything just stopped. I’m reconnecting to my old hobbies and learning new ones… definitely preparing for the new chapter ahead after this crisis!

    I wish you the best of luck with the new chapter that awaits! ✨ God bless! 💕

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    1. Thank you so much! That’s a wonderful thought from you – continue to be positive and strive to be happy! A new chapter awaits!

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  5. Great post. Losing a job is horrible, but the Covid crisis is presenting opportunities to reflect and reconsider our lives.

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    1. Exactly! And somehow it is showing signs of why we should consider going after a new path.

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  6. Hi Marron. The way you flipped the mental narrative in my head is amazing. You’re right, we do have time and many resources to push forward with optimism and strength. Thank you for this investment 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I wrote that straight from the heart that’s why. I thought posting a little positivity and encouragement is like holding a burning torch that gives everyone a motivation to keep going. Again, your comment is highly appreciated and thanks a lot!


      1. That’s awesome. You have lit the flare and the motivation is blazing.

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  7. Thank you for the positive message and vibes. I love the layout of your blog and that you included a clip from one of the best movie moments. 😀

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    1. Thank you, Michele! Sometimes it gets so dark but we always have the power to switch on the light!


  8. Kally says:

    I think this is an awesome post. Love your positivity and totally in agreement with you. May I reblog this and relink it back to your website?

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    1. Hi Kally! Sure, feel free to reblog it. Thank you!

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      1. Kally says:

        Thank you for your generosity, Marron!

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  9. Léa says:

    While it wasn’t the pandemic that turned my world around but an accident at work that changed my life. Carpe diem, I sold off my house in Californa and moved to the Mediterranean. I love it more each day. When you have too many lemons, its time to make some lemonade.

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    1. And with too many lemons, you might as well make something bigger than lemonade! I bet you’re living the best of your life yet! So happy for you!

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  10. Such a powerful expression. I have been there many times and can definitely relate. Staying in the moment and trusting you’re on a path to your next great adventure has helped me weather the storm.

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    1. Thank you, Barry! I will keep that in mind.


  11. Reblogged this on In Search of James and commented:
    I came across this powerful post and had to share. Been there many times and could relate..

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