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My (not) Very Solo Boracay Trip

There was one time back in March 2015 when one airline launched a piso fare. Holy cow, it was super cheap so I needed to grab it! I asked my friends if they wanted to go to Boracay sometime around September and most of them insisted to rather party Laboracay which will be on May 1st.

So in just 1 minute I got brainwashed by the idea of spending Labor Day at Boracay Island. When I went back to work the next day, I requested a 1 week vacation leave right away. But when the days were approaching closer to the start of my vacation leave, everyone else got sketchy. Like, wow. I got pissed, of course. Who will not be? When I knew that none of them were coming with me, I went out alone to buy a ferry ticket to Caticlan (because plane tickets were luxury to buy) and yup, I’m already in. And I am going to Boracay alone!



I left home with my packed bag one afternoon, two days before the labor day and went to Cubao to ride a bus going to Batangas Port. From Batangas Port, I waited until 9pm to get on the ship. And sailing to Caticlan at 1:00am, while I was on the deck of the ship drinking alone listening to the band playing reggae, I found out that my friends, Myka & Lewis (who were  with me during my 2014 Boracay Trip) were actually already on the island! So after I finished my one bottle of beer, I went back to my bed and slept for like 3 hours. After I wake up from a rather long nap, I went back outside to drink coffee and to have morning talks with the crew. And next thing I know, I’m already a tricycle away to White Beach Boracay!

Arriving there, still is, and always will be, magnificent as always! As if the super white sands and the pepsi blue waters were telling me, “Where have you been, free spirit?” It was not in my plans to go back to Boracay that time. But hell, when I looked around the island, I remembered the reason why I came back to Boracay. That place is the island that I claim I belong. You know it; chill vibes, good people, fantastic feeling 24/7.

I got there before lunch and waiting for the check in, I met with my friend Myka (which was curing her hangover but very nice to see me) and went to have a brunch. Since Myka and Lewis are (one of my favorite) couples, I’ll be a total fool to ask if I can join in to their accommodation. So I made reservations with Frendz Resort Boracay. Booking a bed from this hostel was definitely one of the best decision I made from this trip. Very friendly environment, I got a welcome drink and got introduced to everyone! I was still 2 hours away from the check in so me and my friend went to the beach front in Station 2 to admire the island. What a fun catch up!


Back in my hostel, I was the only Filipino inside the 6-bed dorm, and all of them were solo travelers. We introduced ourselves to each other and made plans where to get drinks that night. After that, I went back to the beach front to get me some refreshers. And while waiting for the watermelon shake, I looked at the scenery in front of me and like always, the jaw-dropping Boracay white beach was telling me to fall in love unlimited times. What a beautiful moment to be there.


3 hours before the sunset, Myka and Lewis met up with me and I invited them to go to Spider House. That place was 20 minutes away from the beach front via tricycle. Arriving at the location, we walked for like 5 minutes until we reached the place. It was lovely! Spider House stands on a cliff with a very tropical Filipino rustic bamboo-built guesthouse, chill music, overlooking the sunset from the west Philippine sea, and the fun thing is, you can drink and eat pizza and jump off of the diving board. Yup! Straight to the sea. We got drunk that night and I was so into the game that I went to my bed 7am! I can’t remember why we walked from station 3 to station 1 and then back to the hostel.


The next day was fun. The hostel that I was staying organized this party called “Pasta Night” and I was invited to join in. It was everything I expected it to be, a reggae band playing live, a big dish of free pasta (yes! saved money from the dinner!) and it was also happy hour so meaning all drinks were 50% off (saved money again!) so there I met a hell lot of people from all around the world. I made friends with cool guys from the U.S., Australia, Canada, Sweden (I have to say, Swedish people are so nice) and happy hour ends at 11 and that means, the night was still young. I was glad we were only 2 minutes walk away from the beach front where people party like an animal.


I cannot remember what happened that night but I had fun! All I remember was when I wake up, I craved for a glass of chilled orange juice. Orange juice can be the best sometimes. I love the life in Boracay. On my 3rd day on the island, I spent the afternoon tanning with my friend Myka on the beach. And then we ate Korean foods with Lewis. Then we go back to the beach again to swim and get tanned. As always.


I don’t understand when people complain when they were not able to experience weekends on this island because their travel dates were on weekdays. I always shout this to their faces: every night in Boracay is like a Saturday night. But when it’s Labor day, party starts after 10am or even earlier. You’ll go to bed with a hype music still playing, you’ll wake up and it’s still playing. So many events, parties, and celebrities. Laboracay is just too much to handle.

After a couple of days, I checked out from Frendz Resort and went to Myka and Lewis’ hotel room. Please don’t judge me okay, they love me so much they reserved me a bunk bed! And that makes me love them more. Some of my room mates also checked out and transferred to another hostel. That night, Rodrigo, the guy from Brazil invited me to go to their hostel because he told me that they will drink a bottle of whiskey. So that night I went to MNL hostel’s roof and met him and Josh and Phil, people that I met back at Frendz. And new friends Imane (my soul sister! Every once in a while we make friends from a trip and on this one, she was my favorite) and pretty girls from Norway, Synne and Sarah. Also, Josh invited lovely American girls, Sam and Becca. That night was a long night and definitely a fun night! I love that kind of vibe. I mean I don’t hate going to clubs to party, but as I go through growing up stage I’ve realized that I’m more into laid back side. I’d rather have meaningful talks with friends close to my heart than dance with strangers at loud club.


The fun continued the next day. I’m not a foody person, so I think this was the time that I got introduced into eating Samgyeopsal. Never tried any Korean food before but this one’s good! I swear. And to make it even more better? Drinking soju while eating. Fun! There were a lot of events in Laboracay. Me and Myka were walking along the white beach and we got freebies everywhere! Drinks, metallic tattoo, and the best part was we got our hairs braided for free! Saved money again.


The trip to Boracay wouldn’t be complete without the Fly Fish. Our favorite activity! Fell in love with it last 2014 and I’m still in love with it! So we walked around the white beach to find the cheapest price for this activity. I wasn’t so sure how did we get so good at haggling? And yup, got it in a very friendly Filipino prize. The activity is super fun. But not as fun as I first tried it with few other friends. I know it’s not good to compare things but I just missed all the good laughs and all. I miss how my tummy was hurting from laughing so hard because the faces of my friends’ faces were so ugly because they were so scared from falling to the waters and so was me, but I try so hard to hold on to the ropes even though I was losing strength because of so much laughing. After all, all we need was one good Fly Fish Ride.


Oh and did I tell you I spent a hell lot of time being alone during this trip? Alone in a way that I wasn’t sad about it. On the island I did had lunch times alone and eating hangover foods (you know that feeling right after you went out of the club from drinking? That is the kind of hungry I’m talking about) and it was kind of funny because I should have felt sad or melancholy because in places where group of friends and families eating in long tables, I was there sitting alone and enjoying the food in front of me. And I did not mind.


Oh yes the joys of being single! The ability to focus not on anyone but on myself. You know, it always gives the time to be yourself with yourself. Some me time 24/7. And I just watched the film called How To Be Single and, well yeah, what if we get so good at being single? Is there really a danger that you’ll get so good at being alone, so set in your ways, that you’ll miss out on the chance to be with somebody great?

Maybe. I don’t know.


Being single is so nice for me because I’m not really in a hurry to be in a relationship. But it also gets sad sometimes, you know. Like, I enjoy to exchange flirty messages to anyone at one point and it’s not on the next. Is it weird? But I don’t know why, I just like it more to hangout with people without thinking of someone. I don’t want to feel obligated to give back the favor of being cared. I don’t want that yet. I am enjoying to keep my world’s atmosphere to whatever temperature my heart desires. And I can stay out as late as i want and enjoy waking up whenever on weekends. That’s the best part!

I really don’t know how to end this post because it is not what I was expecting it to be, but if you’re thinking what happened on the end of this trip, well, I got really drunk on my last night. Went back to the hostel for shower, packed my things to prepare myself to say bye to the island for a while. So there, I left Boracay Island just when the majority of party animals were sleeping while the sun was rising.

I had agreat time. Boracay, quality time as always.


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