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What going to Baguio has reminded me

As I start to write this blog post, I am already seated inside a bus going north. To the city of Baguio. Finally. After all, this is it, my first time!

A lot of people are telling me to not go because we have a storm that’s what they say. And yeah that’s true, we are experiencing heavy rainfall since last night. But I am already here, inside the bus driving along NLEX. I am going to Baguio. I have met hell lot of storms in my life and I realize that perhaps, I am not afraid of them anymore. It’s so hard to believe in something, to hope for something and get disappointed, right? But I got to be brave and strong, thinking that whatever happens, I will go. I will always go. Because how will I know if I will not give it a try? I’d rather take the risk than regret in the end that I did not try.

So after 6 hours travel time, I knew I’m already in Baguio when the temperature outside was colder than the temperature inside the bus. There were only 3 of us because 3 friends backed out, and the reason? The weather, ladies and gentlemen. Walking in Baguio for the first time was surprisingly fantastic. Streets were dry but the sky looked like it was about to cry. After a short while we found a very nice and simple transient house along Marcos Highway.

We just got back from SM Baguio.

We took a rest right after we checked in and went to buy groceries for the next coming days. The weather is still rainy. We’re about to drink at our place and try to go to drink somewhere else and check out Baguio’s night market.


All closed. We were late. So we went back to the transient house and try to look for a massage but there were no spa found nearby so we asked the person in the front office and she offered some home service massage but it was too pricey so we declined the hell out of it. So yeah, whoever started the concept of putting convenience stores must be praised. Me and my friend, since we were still thirsty for alcohol, walked for about 50 steps away and bought ourselves some sangria. It was nice though. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed drinking while watching a movie. Probably because I don’t do it quite often. But it was fun! The movie that we watched was pretty silly but it was nice.

The next morning my friends and I went to visit my friend Sheila at her own café.

Swear you guys, whenever you’re in cold weathered Baguio, you might as well want to treat yourselves good coffee at Manpiyaan Café. Just opened last December 2015, they are serving full charged passions with coffee imported from Italy. Manpiyaan is a Kalinga word meaning “for the good” and yes of course, coffee is always good. Caffeine lovers will surely enjoy the espresso at this chillax café simply because coffee genuinely makes us happier people! Manpiyaan Café is approximately 15 minutes away from the town proper. Fore more info about the address of the café, click here for their Facebook Page.


We spent the rest of the day touring the city and going to parks. Don’t you just love parks? Yup. Because it requires walking and talking and laughing and just being happy. And these parks in Baguio still continue to give nostalgic feels to a lot of my friends from Manila. I’m confident I can tell that. Reminding them of their childhood about horse back-riding at Burnham Park, the strawberry taho, the photographs at Mines View Park and many more. But not me. I didn’t grow up going to Baguio for summer vacations. Actually, my whole childhood was a non-stop vacation. Nostalgia hits me straight to the bones when I think of the beach back in Antique. That wide stretch of gray sand beach in the afternoon with the most beautiful sunset I could ever imagine. And I am so thankful to have that privilege to watch it for free. I grew up near the ocean before my mom and dad decided to settle in Manila, if you care to know about my childhood.

This town is pretty much 80% of what I expected it to be. I’m glad that I went anyway. And this trip reminds me of the reasons why I need to continue what I’m doing at the moment, and why do I need to chase the things that I dreamed before I start this journey. You know, traveling for the hell of it. Why? Because I can. And I want. And it shakes things up and at the same time, it gives me cool stories.

Let’s be real here. No one’s going to follow the road for me. Everyone I know has their own dreams and their own goals. And last night, I made a promise to myself that I will start following those roads that I have been dreaming to take. Because I’ve been around people who told me that my dreams weren’t possible, and I will use all those bringing downs as a fuel to my fire.

Even better than making my friends and family proud, I want to be proud of myself. I want my confidence to arise, and to have that happiness and the excitement that comes with doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Life without dreams is depressing. That’s what this city reminded me.

And now, sitting inside the bus bound to Manila, looking through the window, the view outside is foggy as hell. I can feel the cold air just by looking at it. It’s still raining. Can’t wait to get home. And there it is, Baguio City, saying bye to me. As if the pine trees are saying “why so fast, young boy?” well, I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do in Baguio because of the monsoon. And that is one of the many reasons why I need to go back. I might be already a different person the next time that I will drive to Baguio, but one thing’s for sure: the next time I’m here, I’ll do it all right.


Signed with love,


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      1. You know how it looks like when everyone is falling in line when you pay your electric and water bills? I travelled a lot and I don’t have leisure time to blog them all, I wish I could. Anyway, I’ll try to start drafting my Baguio trip. Thank you so much.

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