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This might be the right time to get lost

It was a fun day in Cebu.

We just had the island experience of Sumilon and we were waiting for a bus going back to Oslob bus terminal. It was getting dark and waiting for a bus was taking too long. After an hour of waiting,  a bus finally came.

Inside the bus, it was then that we realize that even if we reached Oslob’s bus terminal, there would be no bus waiting for us because the last trip going to Kawasan already left before the dusk.

Damn it. “Where are we going to sleep tonight?” I asked the friend sitting beside me. “We will find out.” She said. I honestly like that answer more than “I don’t know”. Anyway, the locals inside the bus were very friendly and was giving us advices where to spend the night. Some of them suggested for us to go back to Oslob. And one lady said “Dumaguete” which is one boat ride away.

WHY NOT? We only have the whole Southern Cebu in our itinerary. Dumaguete wouldn’t hurt, we thought. So the bus dropped us somewhere I can’t remember. But I know it’s the port where boats going to Dumaguete are located.

The 7 of us, sat there. It was dark but I was looking at the lights from the other island which I believe is Dumaguete. We were debating whether to spend the night in Dumaguete or just find the nearest hostel and settle there. But we have Canyoneering the next morning at 6:00am so it took us 60 minutes to decide. We decided to not take the boat to the next island so we texted someone from Kawasan if it’s okay for him/them to pick us up and thankfully, they agreed! Good people!

And what a night. Almost there, Dumaguete. We waited for more than an hour before they arrived. I did not expect a pick up truck, you know. But it felt nice, we felt saved. So while on the road at the back of the pick up truck, my friends were all talking about square meters and constellations and all. Because we were all looking up at the night skies. And that’s what I like, the night skies outside the city is always different.

It was a fun and meaningful long drive. It was also cold. The skies were full of bright shining stars. I remember I was just wearing a lightc jacket. I went on a light sleep too during the 2 hour ride going back to Badian and that was when I realized something.

We got lost.. it’s not part of the plan. But it was almost something and I was wondering what will happen if majority of us would agree to change the whole itinerary? Would it be the same me if I spent the night at Dumaguete? That I don’t know. But I want to know.

Sometimes life closes doors because it’s time to move forward whether you like it or not. And the best thing to do is keep on going. To say yes again, love again, dream again.

I’ve been always craving for spontaneous adventures. Every freaking time. There are times where you will be disappointed to a lot of things like friends because they always back out in the last minute to the trips that you’ve been waiting.

Maybe, some trips are not meant to be perfectly organized. Other trips are not meant to happen. There might be times we need to go with the flow and this might be the right time to choose the wrong road and get stuck somewhere. Right now, it’s probably okay to feel lost and get lost. To find what? Adventures, people, love. And most importantly, to discover yourself.

So the next time when someone will ask me “where are you going next?” I don’t want to answer a specific place. I will answer them “I’ll find out.”

5 thoughts on “This might be the right time to get lost”

  1. Friends used to always back out in the last minute to the trips that you’ve been waiting. I can really relate to this, and I always ended up travelling alone. But you guys are very adventurous, and it great because you plan it very carefully either you go to Dumaguete or not. Good thing you guys are very resourcefull as what should travelers be. I admired the one who handled your Canyoneering, they’re kind enough to have fetched you all.

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